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Название: Free UML 2.0 online training
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No Magic Training Offerings

No Magic Training provides clients with experienced training and mentoring. Our certified industry experts and knowledgeable mentors have a broad background, each having many years of in-classroom experience. No Magic offers a variety of training paths, including On-site, Online (self-paced or instructor lead), or Custom training. Our trainers will travel to client locations or alternatively we can host a team in our training facility. The duration of the training engagement may range from one to five days. In addition, No Magic provides each student with a comprehensive set of training materials.

To receive our Free UML 2.0 online training or any of our other trainings please do the following:

1. Register on www.magicdraw.com
2. After logging in contact your assigned account manager to receive the FREE UML 2.0 training.
3. Optional- Ask about receiving official certifications from No Magic and IASA (International Association of Software Architects) at a total cost of $99.

Ссылка: http://venus.nomagic.com/